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About Us

TheSilk is born from a need to connect to the roots, our Indian Heritage and bring in the luxury and comforts from the land we left and moved to new places to search and explore new horizons. But it is not just that we are trying to re-establish our relationship with our motherland but also to give opportunities to a few those who are blessed with creative and artistic talents. Some of these talents may earn a handsome living but a lot of these artisans and many other who create things with hands for a living do not even earn to live a decent living. Some of them give up on their art and some even give up their lives. We do not claim to change the world but we surely wish to create a tiny ripple of difference.

We are located in the heart of USA, in the mid west. We hope to bring people from all over the world a little bit of happiness with the luxurious items on our website.

More information about the people we work with, coming soon!


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